Meteora & Plastira’s lake

6 day photography holidays experience

On this trip we will have the opportunity to photograph two unique landscapes; Meteora and the artificial Lake Plastiras. Meteora belong to Unesco world heritage monument list. A place of awe inspiring natural beauty and an important center for Greek Orthodox community. Located in the heart of main land Greece, dramatic rock formations rise vertically into the heavens, at the edge of the town of Kalabaka and the traditional village of Kastraki. Created by geological forces over tens of millions of years, Meteora are a popular destination for climbers, naturalists and photographers. Since 1354 AD monks have climbed these pillars of rock, establishing monasteries on their summits. The building of, supply to and movement between these monasteries has been achieved with a network of ropes, pulleys and nets. Of the 30 monasteries that were build, six remain today all of which are well maintained and open to visitors.
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Plastira’s lake is also known as the “Lake of four seasons” by the locals. An artificial lake created in 1959 with the building of a dam for the supply of water and electricity to the surrounding area. The resulting landscape is a stunning combination of mountain vistas and the tranquil lake. A surprisingly harmonious blend of natural and man made beauty. Throughout our walk about, we will come across many small fjords, ideal for creative photography.
The Anthochori waterfall as well as the hiking trail which leads us there, lends themselves for long exposure photography. When we are on the shore of Plastira’s lake, sunrise is an amazing experience. The ambience of the landscape is spectacular in all weather conditions.
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Available dates

To be announced shortly.


Photography Holidays Schedule 

Day 1

Welcome to our photography holidays in Meteora and Plastira’s lake!
Our first meeting as a group will take place in Athens at the Palace Hotel where you will stay the first night. We will pick you up from Athens airport and take you to the Hotel on the same morning. An airport pickup will also be available if you choose to arrive in Athens one day earlier. During our first meeting at noon, there will be a welcome lunch, where we will give you general information about Meteora and Plastira’s lake.
Lunch will be followed by an introduction to the art of photography, the technical features of the camera and the importance of a creative viewpoint. Afterwards, a little before sunset, we will take our first photographs in a beautiful location nearby.

Day 2-3

Departure for Plastira’s lake, where we arrive after 4 hours to check in at the Oreiades Suites. We are going to enjoy a photography safari around the lake and the most important sites nearby. Get ready for an early morning start, as the sunrise over the lake is stunning! Between photography sessions, we will discuss the techniques which will improve your photographs and we will inspire you to develop your creativity. We will also comment on the photos you have chosen and processed, which is why it would be a good idea for you to bring along your laptop.

Day 4

After the morning session, we depart for Meteora . The trip lasts about 1,5 hours.
We check in at the traditional guesthouse Petrino just under Meteora rocks. In the afternoon we shall take our first pictures of this breathtaking landscape.

Day 5

Photography tours around the giant rocks and most important monasteries. On our last evening, we will offer the group a complimentary farewell dinner in the traditional village Kastraki just under Meteora rocks.

Day 6

This is the last day of our photography adventure. We will talk about your impressions and we will choose your best photos. Afterwards we will depart for Athens which is a 4-4,5 hours drive. We can drop you off at the airport or your hotel in Athens.
We are certain that you will have enjoyed an unforgettable photography holiday which you will be able to share with all your relatives and friends back home through the best possible proof: your photographs!


Group size 

Each group will consist of 4 to 8 people. Also, if you are accompanied by someone who will be staying with you but who does not wish to participate in the photography seminars, please let us now beforehand in order for us to apply the appropriate discounts.


Photography Holidays Cost 

  • The total cost per person based on double occupancy is 1070 euros.
  • For a single room, the cost is 1140 euros.

These costs include:

  • Airport pick up and drop off service.
  • Accommodation at the Palace Hotel for one night including breakfast, the Oreiades Suites and the guesthouse Petrino, for the rest nights including breakfast.
  • Two full meals excluding drinks on the first and sixth day.
  • All domestic transportation (day 1-6).
  • Payment of the photographer for the seminars and guidance during the outings.


Reservations and Method of Payment 

In order to reserve a place for the Meteora & Plastira Photography Holiday, a down payment of 300 euros is required. Payment is made through your PayPal account. The remainder must be paid 45 days before the starting date at the very latest.
If you wish to make a reservation, please send us an e-mail with the following information:
Your name, the number of participants, the dates you are interested in and any other information you deem necessary.
Also please feel free to ask if you have any further questions regarding the Athens Photography Holiday.
We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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