About Photography Holidays in Greece

General Information 

Welcome to our photography holidays in Greece!
Let’s share our passion for travel, adventure and photography!
At Photography Holidays we organize your holidays in most photogenic places of Greece, while at the same time we help you improve your photography techniques and develop your creativity in order to take truly great photos. Our carefully planned schedule, combines relaxing accommodation together with trips to breathtaking sites when light conditions are optimum.
If you have already booked your holidays in Athens, please learn about our daily private photography tours here.
We are looking forward to share with you an unforgettable photographic adventure in Greece! After all, photography is a Greek word!


Why choose us? 

Antonis Nikolopoulos, who has set up and runs Photography Holidays in Greece, has been a professional photographer since 1988.
He studied Physics at the University of Thessaloniki, where he has specialized in photographic lenses. As a professional, he has photographed products, buildings, yachts and outdoor sports (mainly sailing). Please visit his complete photography portfolio or yacht photography dedicated portfolio. Both are updated regularely with his recent works. Ηe has also worked as a sailing and windsurfing instructor since 1991. His passions for nature, travelling and photography meld artistically in his landscape projects; which is how he became involved in planning holidays in Greece combined with photography workshops.
He has published the photography book Volax, Nature’s Sculptures on Tinos, a study of the granite rocks surrounding the village of Volax on the island of Tinos. In 2002 he held a solo exhibition featuring these photographs. Another exhibition, in 2013, was titled “Kefalonia from the sea surface” and comprised photos taken with underwater camera held at sea surface level.


What you can expect to learn 

Starting with the basics, we’ll discuss about exposure, framing and rules of composition. We will start looking at things “photographically”, figuring out the elements that make a photo special.
We’ll study the various features of cameras and lenses (aperture, speed, focal length, focus, colour temperature) and we’ll learn how to use them manually and more creatively. We’ll talk about all the kinds of photography that might interest a traveller (portraiture, architecture, etc.), but our main focus will be on landscape photography. We’ll learn how to use polarizing and ND filters, we’ll take pictures at night and, last but not least, we’ll learn how to process our photos on a computer in order to achieve the best possible final result.


Target audience, recommended equipment 

Anyone who’s looking for a creative way to spend their holidays in Greece and is interested in photography. In order for our services to be more effective, the size of our groups ranges from 4 to 8 people. All levels of photographers are welcome, as long as they have a good working knowledge of their digital camera. In terms of equipment, we consider it necessary for you to have a digital compact, mirorless or DSLR camera with a wide angle to medium telephoto lens. Optional equipment includes a tripod, a polarizing filter, ND filters and a laptop for processing your photos.


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